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Home Windows was created as an impartial service that helps home owners, builders, and designers make the right choice when choosing new or replacement windows. For those who have never purchased windows for their home or project by the prospect before, or are just intimidated the prospect, we aim to guide you through the whole process from your initial ideas through to the after care of your finished windows.

Purchasing windows for a house or project be they uPVC windows, aluminium or wood, is a large undertaking both in terms of financial outlay and scope of the operation. As such it is always useful to have a defined purchase strategy to enable you to get the perfect windows for your home or project with best deal available.

We aim to develop the site and a series of videos examining and explaining as much as possible about uPVC windows, wood and aluminium windows and double glazing . These will cover everything from the manufacture process of windows through to the installation process.

We, at Home Windows, have many years experience in both the design and construction industry and have been responsible for £ millions of purchasing budgets for projects of all sizes. We hope we can help you find the perfect windows for you, that will last a last a lifetime and at price you feel is great value.



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