Cleaning uPVC Windows

keeping your uPVC windows looking as good as new

Cleaning uPVC Windows

Once you have your beautiful new windows taking proper care of them will help keep them looking like new for their lifetime of use.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep your windows looking as good as new is to regularly clean both the glass and the frames. There are several methods and cleaning products on the market that can improve the window’s appearance. If, however, you clean your windows regularly then they will probably only require mild soap solution (such as washing up liquid and water). Despite cleaning the windows being a relatively simple task, remember to always follow the recommendations of the window manufacturer. The one thing that you should avoid doing is trying to clean your windows with abrasive materials such as scouring pads or harmful chemicals.

The chances are that you are probably going to get a window cleaner to clean your windows. It is important that if you have uPVC or Aluminium frames to make sure that he cleans them as well. Not all window cleaners do this so it is important to check.

If you have stains or dirt that is difficult to remove with a simple water and soap solution then you might consider one of the specialist uPVC cleaners that are on the market. These are usually very effective and can bring your window up to looking almost new. Below are a comparison of three of the best uPVC cleaners on the market.

Window Mechanism

cleaning uPVC windowsOften forgotten when cleaning is the window mechanism, particularly if you have sash windows. Making sure that the hinges on the window are free from dirt are well lubricated is important to maintain a smooth opening and closing movement. A little WD40 every couple of moths should ensure this remains the case.

If you have sash windows then it is important to keep the track clean and dirt free. It is also important to periodically lubricate all the window rollers and track. It should be enough to do this every six months or so. Again, a little WD40 will do the trick.

Cleaning The Glass

This again, is a relatively straight forward exercise. The outside, as discussed above, is likely to be taken care of by your window cleaner. It wouldn’t hurt to ask him to apply some glass cleaner such as Windowlene to make the outside sparkle. You are probably likely to handle the inside of the windows yourself. As with the outside a wash down with a soap and water solution is best and when done, using Windowlene or something similar to make them sparkle is always a good idea. When cleaning the glass in the windows it is always best to use a lint free microfibre cloth. This will prevent and tiny particles from the cloth remaining on the glass, which can be incredibly annoying and is likely to spoil the overall effect.


AHaving spent a great deal of money on installing replacement windows, keeping them looking good makes sense. Generally speaking unlike traditional wooden windows, uPVC windows don't require that much looking after. However, just by putting in a little effort you can make your windows appear as good as new for pretty much the whole of their lifespan.



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