Overseeing uPVC Window Installation

Fitting uPVC Windows Properly

Having an understanding of the fitting process will make being happy with the end result far more likely.

The first thing to be aware is the rules relating to replacement window installation in England and Wales. The first thing to be aware of is that all installations need Local Authority Building Control approval. Now obviously, this would cause most Local Authorities Building Control departments to be bogged down with approving replacement window installations. As a result, at the behest of Department for Communities and Local Government, the the Glass and Glazing Federation set up a industry wide quality control scheme FENSA, a quality control program to make sure window installations are done properly..

FENSA Registered

Overseeing uPVC Window InstallationIt is therefore important that the company you use to install your windows is registered with FENSA. This will mean that the installers will be able to self certify that the installation has been done properly and in compliance with the current building regulations.

If you choose to use a company or a person that is not registered with FENSA, or you choose to do a DIY install then you will need to get full Local Authority Building Control approval. Local Authorities keep a list of registered installer within their areas and are likely to easily identify any unauthorised work. You need to be aware that as the homeowner you are responsible for ensuring that your installation complies fully with building regulations.

With the company you use being a member of FENSA you have some redress if thing go wrong. However you don’t want to get to that stage in the first place, As such, a little due diligence on the installers is a good idea. If you can, check previous installations that they have done. Question the installers about their experience and look for installers who have the relevant City and Guilds qualifications. NVQ Fenestration Installation (6575-02) with a minimum of Level 2.

The Installation

As is probably obvious no two installations are the same and whether or not a member of FENSA methods and quality can vary widely from one company to the next. Variables such as different conditions in each home and the old windows that are being replaced also affect the final job.

One key issue to beware of is the possibility of ingress moisture getting in if the window frame is not sealed properly. It is possible that the install may look good but the frame hasn’t been properly sealed against the wall. This can allow moisture in the air and water to ingress into the walls of the property. It is quite possible that the only become aware of the problem when damp shows up on the drywall surface of the property soon after a rain. Probably a bigger problem is if water is entering very slowly. When this happens it can lead to mold, rot or even mildew. It is quite possible that you may not notice it for some time which can cause damage to your home.



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