uPVC Windows Replacement Windows

What to look for and price comparisons!

uPVC Windows; Getting the Best Deal

uPVC windows are now the main choice for both new build and those homeowners looking for replacement windows.

Setting a Budget

uPVC WindowsOne of the first questions asked is usually what is likely to cost. If you have little or no experience in buying uPVC windows then this should actually probably be your first question because, as with any major project, being able to set and keep a manageable budget is key to getting the best deal available. When approaching a fenestration contractor it is usually initially helpful to have a budget in mind . Whether you need the cheapest option or are looking to splash out the best windows available, knowing the current market prices is critical in getting the best deal.

If you have little idea how much the project is likely to coat then the first port of call could be a price comparison website site, this is likely to give you a range of prices. From here at least you will have a bottom line and idea what the minimum cost is likely to be. Once you have framed your budget you can then start the process of shopping around.

Not all uPVC windows are equal

Whilst price is always an important consideration when choosing the fenestration contractor to make your it usually involves a trade off with quality.There are a lot of factor to consider from construction, how the widow is jointed, the type of glass used for glazing and if going for coloured windows, how the colour and textures are applied.

PVC-u Window Jointing

uPVC WindowsAn important element that is frequently not be given enough consideration is the way the window frame is joined together. The joints are in fact crucial not only to the structural rigidity of the window but also to the aesthetics. For example,there are a considerable number of window makers who lack expertise is jointing sash window.

Traditionally, a great deal of time was put into handcrafting sash window corner welds, commonly referred to as 'mechanical sash joints'.

The advance of uPVC windows in replacing more traditional wood sash windows, many manufactures deemed that a mechanical sash joint would be too labour intensive and thus markedly increase the cost. Modern technology has though come on greatly in the last 10 years and now mechanical joints are now much more cost effective.

Whilst both welded and mechanical joint options help to make windows that are contemporary permanent and enhance the aesthetics of your home, if you want to match your existing styles as closely as possible then mechanical joints are the best option.

Coloured uPVC Window Frames

The good news is that today almost any colour is possible through varying different processes. Which one you chose will come down to the colour and finish you want together with your budget constraints. Click here for an in depth look at coloured uPVC windows.

Choosing Glass

As you may probably already know the benefits of installing double glazing are considerable. This is especially true if you choose the right type of glass for your PVC-u window frames. Energy efficiency is the name of the game but as with PVC-u frames not everything is equal. There are several import things to look for. Firstly Low -E glass is the best glass in terms of energy saving but there are important factors in the construction of the double glazing unit that also need to be considered such as glass gap, spaces. For more detailed look at glass see our article on double glazing units.

Window companies will invariably quote you energy rating for their windows. These are usually A rated, B rated and C rated. Generally speaking an A rated system can save you between £80 - £110 for a Semi detached house whist a C rated system would save between £75-95. These figures are provided by the Energy Saving Trust. Clearly, they are subject to change with the rise (maybe fall) of energy prices but are current for October 2016.


As you can see there are several important factors that have to be taken into account when choosing uPVC windows. From the quality of the PVC-u extrusion, construction, finish and glass. After that it comes down to the quality of workmanship reliability of the fenestration contractor and finally fitting your budget.



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